Beautiful Vacation Rentals in La Manzanilla, Mexico.

The gentle slope and calm surf make it ideal for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, surf fishing, and sunbathing, or simply sitting back and enjoying the scene and the sunsets from one of the many colorful palapa restaurants dotting the beach. Visitors frequently are treated to the sight of dolphins or whales frolicking in our bay, as well as diving exhibitions by pelicans and other sea birds in search of fish. Also an ecological reserve, La Manzanilla is famous for our mangrove marsh and lagoon, home to several caimans (members of the crocodile family) and an array of tropical birds and plants. Feeding time for the caimans is a popular free attraction safely viewed from behind a secure fence. Other recreational pursuits include horseback riding, bird watching, hiking, cycling, and leisurely strolling through our picturesque village or relaxing and people watching from our lovely jardin (plaza). Although small, La Manzanilla offers all the necessities and then some. We have a number of fine restaurants, several markets for fresh fruit and vegetables, butcher shops, fresh fish cooperative, clothing and souvenir boutiques, a pharmacy and a health center, and taxi and bus service. Many visitors are surprised to also find a used bookstore, Internet café, beauty salon and spa, an internationally recognized art gallery, and a multicultural art center.

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