Property Rental Programs

Complete Rental Management Program:

1. Shooting and editing of photograph’s of your rental for placement within our website. We may use photographs provided by home owner for our website if of acceptable quality.

2. Create a written description of your rental and together with photo’s add your rental to our website:

3. Solicit testimonials from renters who have enjoyed your rental. Add to your rental page.

4. Share your rental page with other vacation rental websites in which we have an agreement to work together and share commissions. This will heighten your rental exposure.

5. Creation of a Welcome Book titled with your home’s name and filled with useful information for the renter in La Manzanilla. This book is a hard covered three ring notebook designed specifically for your rental. It will be left in the rental &/or given to the renters upon check-in.

The welcoming book will have your home’s picture and name on the cover. The inside first page will have a personalized letter from the you… the homeowner in which you thank the renter for choosing to spend their La Manzanilla vacation in your rental. The homeowner may share personalized and helpful information about the casa on this page.

The book includes a list of most business in La Manzanilla. Important locations and telephone #’s of: Dr’s, Pharmacies, Police, Dentist, Airlines, Consulates, Airports, Auto rental agencies, Taxi’s, Restaurants in La Manzanilla and the surrounding area’s in which some have provided their menu’s. A list of “things to do when in La Manzanilla” and contact Telephone #’s and locations of those offering various services.

Included: What to do in emergencies. Examples: hurricanes/storms/electrical outages/earthquakes/Insect bites etc…etc.

6. Communicate with all inquiries related to your rental. Inquiries may be received from our website, our walk-in office inquiries, the home owners referral, or from our links to various other websites.

7. We will set up and maintain a rental calendar for your home rental. This rental calendar will be available to the home owner and all interested parties from our Santana rental website.

8. Santana Rentals policy is to ask for a 50% deposit amount which we require to confirm all rentals. This deposit is sent to the owners account in US or Canada, or directly to the homeowner via certified check &/or money order.

Upon notification that the home owner is in receipt of the deposit funds, Santana Rentals then sends an email confirmation to the renter and sends email copy to the home owner for their information.

9. Santana Rentals asks for the remaining balance to be paid upon check-in. Deducted from these funds is the Santana Rentals agreed upon commission. Remaining funds are used to pay any services or utilities which the homeowner has directed Santana Rentals to pay on his/her behalf.

FYI: Santana Rentals always asks for a key deposit and pet deposit. In some cases we ask for a rental damage deposit when the homeowner directs us to do so. These deposits are fully refundable to the client as long as all is in good order upon departure and keys are returned.

10. We will welcome and check-in all clients at our Santana Rental office. We personally escort the client and introduce them to your home.

FYI: Santana Rentals office is open 6 days a week. Monday – Saturday. We are open on Sunday for pre-arranged check-ins only.

Welcome Baskets consist of the following items: Organic Ground coffee….Assorted Tea’s…..Dry Cereal &/or Oatmeal….Boxed 2% Milk…..Breakfast cookies…..Boxed Juice…Honey/Sugar or a Sugar Substitute. A bottle of microdine which is used to clean fruits and vegetables.

All welcome baskets are tailored to the # of guests and are individualized with the name of the rental and a note stating the basket is a complimentary gift and signed from the homeowner.

Rental Welcome baskets are charged off to the homeowner when granted permission as follows:

1-2 persons: $120 pesos 3-4 persons: $200 pesos 5-6 persons: $300pesos
7-8 persons: $400 pesos 9-10 persons: $500 pesos.

11. Santana Rentals has a check-out questionnaire sheet which is tailored to your rental. We pass this sheet to the client during the check-out process. It is well defined and easy for the client to complete. This sheet is important as the answers provide us and you with beneficial information concerning your rental. All check-out questionnaires are included with the quarterly accounting statement and activity reports.

12. Santana Rentals will pay the appropriate government tax on your rental on a bi-monthly basis through our Santana Rentals accountant. These taxes will be deducted from the home owners fund account. We recommend you obtain license to rent your home from La Huerta. Our accountant can do this for you or we can include you under our Santana Rentals license.

13. Santana Rentals will prepare and provide accounting statements and activity reports on a quarterly basis (4 x yearly).
January -February- March statement & activity report sent to homeowner by: April 15

April-May-June statement & activity report sent to homeowner by: July 15

July-August-September statement & activity report sent to homeowner by: October 15

October-November-December statement & activity report sent to homeowner by: January 15

14. Rental Management Rates:

20 % of the total rental rate when we obtain the confirmed reservation.

15% of the total rental rate when you refer a client to your page on our website and we obtain a confirmed rental.

10% of the total rental rate when you confirm the client reservation and we simply follow procedure and check-in the client, receive balance due and introduce client to your casa as well as check-out client.

15. Combined Property and Rental Management Rates:

25% of the total rental rate & no monthly charge for the property management

20% of the total rental rate when you refer the client to your page on our website and we obtain a confirmed rental & no monthly charge for property management.

15% of the total rental rate when you confirm the client reservation and we simply follow procedure and check-in the client, receive balance due and introduce client to your casa as well as check-out the client.

16. All Property &/or Rental Management fees agreed upon are reflected and charged off on the quarterly statement and activity reports.

17. All the above are Santana Rentals and Property Management guidelines. We may however consider adapting our rental or management program to fit your specific wishes/needs.

I hope you will choose Santana Rentals for your Rental Management and /or Property Management needs. I assure you we will do our utmost to present your rental in a professional manner and one which you will be proud of.


Joan Santana